Case Study

Enhancing Security and Efficiency - Security and Management System for the Saudi Central Bank SAMA

Thursday 02 Nov 2023


In 2021, The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) embarked on a comprehensive security enhancement project, partnering with The National Security Services Company (SAFE) to conduct an extensive security review and site assessment of (SAMA) branches across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project aimed to assess the effectiveness of existing security practices, develop a robust security philosophy & strategy, and create an integrated operational manual. This case study highlights the key objectives, scope, and solutions provided during the project.

Project Objectives:

  1. International Standards and Practices: Implement the most appropriate international standards and practices to strengthen (SAMA) security framework.

  2. Security Philosophy and Strategy: Develop a comprehensive security philosophy and strategy, aligning it with (SAMA) goals and objectives.

  3. Security Risk Assessment: Identify and treat security vulnerabilities by conducting a detailed security risk assessment for (SAMA) headquarters and branches across the country.

  4. Technical Specifications and Documentation: Provide a technical security specifications manual, ensuring adherence to industry best practices.

  5. Security Communication Plans: Develop internal and external security communication plans encompassing all possible scenarios.

Project Scope:

The project encompassed a wide range of activities to achieve its objectives:

  1. Detailed Data Collection and Site Visits: Thorough data collection exercises and site surveys were conducted for (SAMA) headquarters and 12 branches, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the organization's strengths and weaknesses in areas such as organization & governance, physical security, technology, and security operations.

  2. Benchmarking Study: A benchmarking study was undertaken, analyzing security practices across the G7 countries through formal communications and extensive desktop research.

  3. Security Management System and Operational Manual: A robust security management system and operational manual were developed, covering strategy-level and operational-level documentation, including plans, policies, standards, reports, procedures, and forms.

  4. Design and Technical Specifications: Detailed design and technical specifications were provided, ensuring the implementation of effective security measures.

  5. Technical Tender Documentation: Comprehensive technical tender documentation was prepared, facilitating the procurement process for security-related projects.

Services Provided:

(SAFE) provided the following services to (SAMA) throughout the project duration:

  1. Data collection exercise, including site surveys and assessments of headquarters and branches.

  2. The benchmarking study covers security practices across the G7 countries.

  3. Development of a comprehensive Security Management System and Operational Manual.

  4. Provision of technical specifications, design, and tender documentation.

SAFE Added Value:

Through meticulous assessments, strategic planning, and the development of a robust security management system, (SAFE) successfully enhanced the security infrastructure of the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA). The project's comprehensive scope and services provided laid the foundation for an optimized security framework, ensuring the protection of (SAMA) assets, staff, and operations throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.​​