About SAFE

Founded through the vision of our leaders, SAFE's business model, organizational structure, and above all, the culture, is customer centric and influences all we do, from our professional work to our community support programs. This unrivalled spirit and strong leadership have been the cornerstones of our success and have helped us grow across the country, encompassing diverse business segments, within a short period, despite the ongoing pandemic and related challenges to trade and industry.​


Our vision

To be the ultimate security partner leading the transformation of the security ecosystem.​


Our m​ission

To promote and transform the security services sector through a consultative approach, changing client perceptions and future expectations. By offering the best-in-class security solutions and combining world-class technology with the expertise of well-trained and distinguished security personnel.

Our values









Our O​bjectives


Uplifting the security industry sector.


Supporting the national security initiatives.


Maximizing the integration of security elements.


Creating a sustainable commercial platform.

CEO’s Message :

“Our ambition at SAFE, is to be a trustworthy and honorable front of our country, society, and entities that we protect. Through promoting integration between the qualified individuals and the latest technology and security solutions, as well as legislations aiming to meet our customers’ safety aspirations and needs by integrated security solutions“​

Turki Bin Matooq Althonayan  

​Chief Executive Officer

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