Security Solutions

SAFE believes in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. We understand that as a business-to-business service; managing all perspectives of quality, brand, and cost can be an enormous task, hence; there is always room for improvement and key to success is commitment of continual development. This is achieved through integration of state-of-the-art technology, careful selection of staff, extensive training, dedicated account management and layers of communication channels. We are always keen to listen from our clients, and their customers about their SAFE Experience.

SAFEs' Smart Guardians


Undergo extensive screening & Intensive training.                        


Certified with a sense of national purpose.                        


Armed and equipped with the latest radio communication devices, and non-lethal weapons according to the client’s/project’s risk level.                         


Follow best practices according to international standards.                         


Ready to fulfill various safety and security functions within your perimeter                        


Connected to our 24/7 Kingdom wide Security Operation Center                        


Available around the clock with high responsiveness​​​


Our end-to-e​nd offerings


SAFE Cash Management Services

We strive to be our clients’ partner by choice, delivering a complete set of cash management services & solutions to enable them to focus on their core business. We combine cutting-edge technology and processes, ensuring the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. ​​


K-9 Services

As the role of private security evolves and enters the realm of crime detection and preventive measures, the role of a K9 Unit is a key requirement to augment our security solutions​ package. K9 units have been involved in variety of tasks such as tracking, detection of contraband and drugs, as well as explosive detection and have proven themselves beyond doubt.


Events Security Services

If there is one thing ‘predictable’ about Events Security, is the fact that they are ‘unpredictable’! While the emphasis of planning cannot be stressed enough, this ‘unpredictability’ factor requires security personnel who can think on their feet and respond to changing scenarios.


Maritime Security

We provide a wide range of maritime security solutions to protect and secure vessels, goods and crew members in local and international waters according to international standards.


VVIP Protection

We offer a full range of bespoke personal security solutions for individuals and groups who demand the tightest security, from government delegations to high-net-worth individuals and international entertainers.