Command and
Control Center

For any operation to be successful, one of the key elements is effective communication. The faster the information is exchanged, the quicker the response in terms of resolving an incident, accident, or any issue for that matter. As such, the establishment and operation of a Command & Control Center is deemed an absolute essential, to enable us to deliver our concept of Security Solutions.


The Command & Control Centre (C&CC) being an integral part of SAFE, supports the business operations as well as provides cost efficient and technically reliable services to our clients. It is designed to deliver managed services from one platform and can perform multiple functions.

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Save your CapEx and transfer all monitoring and measurement requirements to OpEx

Connect to SAFE Command and Control Center infrastructures, and you will get:


Remote monitoring


Live surveillance


Control center back-up


Fleet-tracking solutions


Incident as well as emergency management

Our Command and Control Center is linked to our client's security tech infrastructures with a backup service for on-site Security Operation Center (SOC) to provide:

24/7 coverage by monitoring with real-time information feeds around the clock

- Latest technologies including CCTV cameras and unmanned systems (both aerial and ground), sensor-tracking systems and intrusion detection, as well as life safety equipment

Smart-guardians' linkage with first responders and relevant authorities

Patrol vehicles tracking


We connect our smart guardians to SAFE Command and Control Centers:
SAFE Command and Control Centers are connected to smart guardians, supervisors,​ as well as all patrol vehicles and first responders. Command and Control Center operators monitor real-time information feeds around the cloc​k from tailored technologies including CCTV and unmanned Systems (both aerial and ground), sensor-tracking systems, life safety equipment, and reliable and redundant communications.


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