​Advisory and Consulting

The SAFE Advisory and Consultancy team provides conceptual advisory and technical solution designs across the spectrum of SAFE activities in a range of complex & high risk environments. A team of technically accomplished and independent professionals subscribed to a code of professional conduct and international standards​.

SAFE brings peace of mind to your environment through: ​

Accomplished Professionals with lo​cal and global security experience.

Dedicated to helping our clients identify their risks and threats through 360 degree client views to develop better insight and better solutions.

Knowledgeable in emerging technologies and industry best practices, leverage on them to automate security services and ensure efficiency and reliability

SAFE’s Advisors And Consultants


SAFE’s Core Consultancy Elements

Risk Mapping

S​​ecurity Master  Plan Design



SAFE’s comprehensive consultancy approach ​​​:

Through tailored studies, we can operate and update our approach to provide high-end security services and solutions with world class technologies that empower our distinguished security professionals and officers. SAFE is eager to minimize your future risks and threats through our trusted advisors and consultants to provide you with integrated solutions to overcome your security challenges.


SAFE’s experts have a demonstrable, proven track record of providing consultancy services to a wide range of projects across the following key sectors :​​​

Smart Cities

Airports and Seaports



Commercial ​​

Sports and Mass Events​​