Surveillance Cameras New Regulation

Monday 22 May 2023



​​​​​​​The primary objective of the new regulations is to enhance safety and security measures in the Kingdom. The use of surveillance cameras is now mandatory in public and private areas to maintain a secure environment for residents and visitors.


To ensure compliance with the new regulations, specific requirements must be met during the installation, operation, and maintenance of security cameras. Firms are expected to adhere to these requirements to avoid any legal implications.


The implementation of these regulations is a significant step towards improving the security landscape in the Kingdom. It is also an indication of the country's commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Regulations: Key Requirements

To comply with the new regulations on surveillance cameras in Saudi Arabia, entities must meet specific requirements based on their sensitivity classification. These entities are classified as high sensitivity, medium sensitivity, and low sensitivity.

High-sensitivity entities must connect their security camera systems directly to the Control Room and need to employ cyber security measures to ensure the privacy and security of the data.

Medium sensitivity entities must connect their surveillance security systems to ​Control Room with no cyber security requirements.

Low sensitivity entities are not required to link their surveillance systems to control operating rooms.


Entities must ensure that the surveillance systems they are using meet the technical specifications outlined in the regulations. Additionally, they must have proper procedures in place for the operation and maintenance of these systems.


The new regulation has mandated the installation of security cameras in various entities, including Ministries, public agencies and institutions, commercial complexes and shopping centers, financial institutions, sports clubs, facilities, stadiums, public and private cultural facilities, and youth centers.


However, the legislation prohibits the installation of security surveillance cameras in specific areas such as medical examination rooms, inpatient rooms, physiotherapy facilities, changing rooms, restrooms, salons, and women's clubs.


Adhering to these regulations is crucial to avoid legal implications and to promote a safer and more secure environment in the Kingdom.

Consequences of Non-Compliance with the Regulation 

The consequences of non-compliance with the regulations can be severe. Entities that fail to comply with the guidelines set, can face the following fines:

A 500 SR in fines will be given if the technical requirements in the conditions document are not met.

A 1000 SR in fines for each camera that wasn't installed following the guidelines outlined in the manual.

A 5,000 SR in fines, If the video recordings are not kept for 90 days.

A 20,000 SR in fines for anyone who transfers or publishes recordings or who damages or vandalizes security surveillance camera systems or recordings.

How to Choose the Right Security System for You

Compliance with surveillance camera regulations can be ensured by working with a reputable security company that is familiar with the rules and can provide advisory and consultation.


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