Press Release

(SAFE) celebrates International Security Officers Day 2022

Sunday 24 Jul 2022

Riyadh, KSA

The National Security Services Company (SAFE) celebrated 'International Security Officers Day' for the second year, with a special online training campaign recognizing Saudi security officers who dedicate their lives to maintaining the safety and security of individuals and organizations all over the kingdom.

The world celebrates International Security Officers Day on the 24th of July every year. This occasion recognizes the work nature of security officers and their continued dedication to ensuring the security of individuals and communities around the world, while putting themselves at risk to protect individuals, institutions and facilities. In this occasion, (SAFE) offered an online training course entitled 'National Protection Officers' to 100 non-SAFE employees. The company will soon announce the launch of a modern training center to conduct in-person and online security and safety training courses.

“The role security sector plays in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is becoming more important as the development journey of our beloved country progresses. The vital role of security officers is to ensure that public order applies everywhere, so that individuals feel safe and secure wherever they are," said the CEO of (SAFE), Turki Bin Matooq Althonayan. “We thank all the men and women who chose to assume this responsibility. (SAFE) provides high-level professional training to all its security officers and is keen to provide them with the world's best advanced equipment and technologies necessary to enable them perform their work at its best."

(SAFE) applies the highest standards to evolve its employees by setting a clear career path that shall grant them admired international accreditation. The company recently graduated the first batch of drone operaters in France. In 2021, the company trained and certified over 3,000 male and female security officers.

(SAFE) was established in late 2019 as a company fully owned by the Public Investment Fund, aiming to support the security sector in the Kingdom and protect the precious national achievements, through preparing expert security officers. The company has been providing distinct and integrated security services to companies and institutions throughout the Kingdom and has recently succeeded in expanding regionally. (SAFE) continues to establish exclusive strategic partnerships with international security and technology players, in order to bring the latest technology to the security sector in the Kingdom.

In continually investing in people and technology, (SAFE) ensures the readiness and responsiveness of security officers around the clock. This ongoing pursuit of excellence has led the company to obtain license to handle the security in the Kingdom's four international airports and build a roster of 30+ clients.

(SAFE) also operates the largest private sector command and control center that supports business operations and enables a single multifunctional platform to provide its clients with through an integrated security system to enjoy the highest quality standards