Press Release

First-ever Female Canine Operator Training Course in the Kingdom

Wednesday 20 Sep 2023

Riyadh, KSA

The National Security Services Company (SAFE) has launched the first-ever Female Canine Operator Training Course, aiming to uplift the private security sector in Saudi Arabia and support women's empowerment. This groundbreaking initiative represents a significant milestone in the field of private security and demonstrates (SAFE) unwavering dedication to women's empowerment. 

This initiative not only highlights our commitment to women's empowerment but also showcases the immense potential and capabilities of female security professionals. We firmly believe that by providing equal opportunities and specialized training, can foster a more diverse and effective security landscape.

The course provides comprehensive knowledge and hands-on training in canine handling and operations, covering essential skills such as canine care, obedience training, search and detection techniques, and effective communication with canine. (SAFE) recognizes the value of highly skilled female canine operators in the security sector, as they possess qualities that enhance security measures and create a more diverse and well-rounded approach to tackling modern challenges.

The course aims to create a more inclusive and dynamic security environment in Saudi Arabia, where women can actively participate and thrive. (SAFE) remains committed to advancing the private security sector while supporting women's empowerment, inspiring other organizations to follow our direction and contribute to a more inclusive and progressive society.