Press Release

SAFE and CAAi signed Aviation Security Framework Agreement

Tuesday 19 Sep 2023


On Monday 18th September 2023. The National Security Services Company (SAFE) and CAA International (CAAi) have signed a framework agreement for training and advisory services in aviation security.

The agreement was signed on Monday by Turki Bin Matooq Al-Thonayan, Chief Executive Officer at (SAFE) and Matthew Margesson, Interim Managing Director at (CAAi).


During the signing ceremony, Al-Thonayan emphasized.

“Security, safety, and firefighting play a vital role in the aviation ecosystem to achieve seamless movement, Non-Aeronautical Revenue, and Operational Efficiency. This framework agreement with (CAAi) will strengthen (SAFE) positioning as the most trusted aviation security partner in Saudi Arabia and the region."

Expressing his delight at signing this agreement, Margesson said:

“We are really delighted to formalize this framework agreement and eagerly look forward to collaborating with (SAFE). This agreement underscores our unwavering commitment to enhancing global aviation safety and security standards in civil aviation, including working in partnership with Saudi Arabia. As the Kingdom progresses towards its goal of 330 million passengers annually by 2030, our regulatory assistance is poised to support the safe and secure expansion of civil aviation in Saudi Arabia."   


As a testament to its expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, (SAFE) has established strategic partnerships with renowned aviation organizations to implement tailored security programs in accordance with international standards and regulations. By leveraging its extensive industry knowledge and experience, (SAFE) ensures strict adherence to rigorous security protocols, enabling seamless operations and elevating the overall passenger experience. These agreements underscore the collective commitment to advancing aviation security offerings.​